God Speaks In Creation

How do you get to know someone?  You talk with them, don’t you?

The truth is, God has spoken to all people in nature by the things that are made.  Creation tells us God exists and he is powerful.  He is not only clearly perceived in the things that are made but also the knowledge of his law is written on our hearts. If you don’t believe that God has communicated to us you will never believe in the true God of all creation.

God has revealed himself in nature.  The mighty works of his hands have been clearly perceived by people since the foundation of the world in the things that are made. This natural revelation of God does not save a person but does leave people without excuse in knowing the true and living God.

Published by SReed

Attends Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church. I'm a sinner saved by the work of God in me and not a work of my own.

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