Creeds and Confessions

Larry Norman, a Christian singer in the 70’s said he didn’t care to talk about theology.  He just wanted to talk about Jesus.  That may sound spiritual but whose Jesus was he referring too?  The Mormon Jesus, the Jehovah’s Witness or Muslim Jesus? When you say Jesus is God you are talking theology. If youContinue reading “Creeds and Confessions”

Truth comes from God

I met a man who didn’t believe in absolute truth.  I asked how he knew that statement was true.  He couldn’t answer! For many, truth is one’s own interpretation of reality.  But that’s really an untenable position.  You could never act with real confidence because everyone’s interpretation would be true for them. God’s truth isContinue reading “Truth comes from God”

God Provides

Victory did not come because of a change I was smart enough to make. God caused me to change my desire for Him (John 6:44). If I used a scoreboard analogy, the leading score belongs to God and me zero. He wins every time He chooses to save somebody (Matt. 11:27: Eph. 1:4; Duet. 7:6-7)! I have total assurance of victory through Christ Alone!